Will Auray travels to San Diego to officiate
September 9, 2018

Will Auray recently traveled to San Diego to take part in the Davis Legacy Showcase as part of a Tournaments Abroad event. Upon his return, he submitted a report of what it was like to travel abroad to officiate and take part in such a multi-national event. The following is in his words:

We arrived Thursday night and were given our assignments that night and the teams we would be working with. In total there were three Spanish, three French, two Germans, two Italians, one Swedish, one Australian, five British, and two Canadians. We felt privileged to be in such good company of officials. We also were working alongside American and Mexican referees. We were being coached and mentored by FIFA Assistant Referee Hector Delgadillo (Mexico) and we had the chance to work with American Mentor for US Soccer Bob Sabella who also works for the MLS. And we had the chance to work games with former MLS Referees and current US National Referees such as Vince Apple-Chiarella. In all, there were 134 officials from 15 different countries.

This was an NCAA Showcase and some of the top teams in the US were attending, many being nationally ranked in categories from U13 to U19. We were assigned mainly U17 and U19 as they wanted to know what our true potential was. My first game (Middle) was great as I had the privileged to officiate top U17 teams in California as one was ranked third in the United States. It was a great level of soccer and my assessor Bob Sabella said I was ready for the next level of officiating. Only level of criticism came with fitness as it was 105 degrees and being my first game I was dead at the end of that one. He understood and said it was normal. My fifth game I had the chance to be on the line for a U19 game and was watched and assessed again. The debrief took about forty five minutes and since he made comments to the other AR, I was expecting tons of criticism. He simply said that if I was in the US I would be progressing at a very fast pace on the lines. It is then that the assessor asked me to come back next year so he could mentor me on more games.

I had the chance to see different styles of officiating and worked with the French on two games, the British on two games and a combination of Americans, Mexicans and other Europeans for my other games.


Will with a French crew after one of their matches

Will and his father, Stephane, on either side of FIFA Assisstant Referee Hector Delgadillo (Mexico)

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