Exhibition Games

Hosting an Exhibition Game if both Teams are Members of SOSA

In accordance with Ontario Soccer Policy, SOSA grants annual blanket approval for all exhibition games played between teams with SOSA's boundaries. As a result, any two teams that are registered members of SOSA can arrange for a sanctioned exhibition game.

In order for any such exhibition games to be considered sanctioned and thus eligible for insurance coverage, team officials are required to advise their club of the game details. Clubs are required to maintain a list of all intra-district exhibition games in which its teams compete in case there are any insurance inquiries.

Hosting an Exhibition game if one Team is not a Member of SOSA

Teams wishing to host an exhibition game against a team from outside SOSA (including other Districts in Ontario, other provinces, or other countries) must submit an Application to Host an Exhibition Game to SOSA.

Please note the deadlines for applications, particularly for out of province/country teams as these applications require the authorization of Ontario Soccer and/or Canada Soccer.

Traveling to an Out-of-District Exhibition Game

Any team wishing to participate in an exhibition game outside the jurisdiction of SOSA must submit an Application To Travel Form signed by their club together with proof that the exhibition game has been sanctioned by the parent organization of the Club hosting the exhibition game and the appropriate fee.


** NOTE: If the ATF is for a player wishing to travel and play in an exhibition game, the AHEG (Application to Host Exhibition Game) must be sent and approved by the district prior to the ATF being approved.  

Please see heading above on menu bar, "About us",  under forms is a step-by-step explanation of how to submit and ATF. 

As these applications require District and sometimes Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer approval please pay particular attention to the deadlines for submission of the ATFs which are printed on the reverse side of the forms. Please note that travel outside Canada and the United States requires 60 days.

A team is covered by insurance through the Ontario Soccer insurance policy for travel within Canada only. You may wish to purchase additional insurance for travel to provinces a great distance from Ontario, such as British Columbia or the Maritimes.