General Information
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact the DRC, Marguerite Heer.

Code of Conduct

A match official in SOSA must agree to and uphold the Ontario Soccer Code of Conduct for match officials which includes items listed below:

  • Maintain and update their knowledge of the rules and rules changes
  • Work within the boundaries of their position’s description while supporting the work of other officials
  • Respect the rights, dignity, and worth of all individuals
  • Not publicly criticize other officials or any club or association
  • Act openly, impartially, professionally, lawfully, and in good faith
  • Be fair, equitable, considerate, independent, honest, and impartial in all dealings with others
  • Respect the confidentiality required by issues of a sensitive nature, which may include ejections, defaults, forfeits, discipline processes, appeals, and specific information or data about individuals
  • Honour all assignments unless unable to do so by virtue of illness or personal emergency, and in these cases inform the assignor or association at the earliest possible time
  • When writing reports, set out the true facts
  • Dress in proper attire for officiating