Other Forms and Permits Descriptions
Temporary Eligibility Permit
A player who is currently registered with a club but wishes to play as a Guest Player for another Club in a tournament must obtain a Temporary Eligibility Permit. This permit entitles the player to play for a registered Club Team of a Club other than the one with which they are registered in a game of any registered league or sanctioned competition.
Trial Registration Permit
A player who is not currently registered must obtain a Trial Registration Permit Form and validated Player Registration Book in order to play. The Trial Registration Permit entitles a player to play two games within a fifteen day period. A player may obtain 2 Temporary Eligibility Permits during a season, only one may be issued for any one club.
Short Term Registration Permit
A player who is not currently registered but wishes to play as a Guest Player for another Club in a tournament must obtain a Short Term Registration Permit. This permit entitles the player to play in a tournament.
Inter-Provincial Transfer
Any player currently registered in another province must apply for an Inter-Provincial Transfer. The procedure for doing this is that the Club must submit a request for the player to register with SOSA. SOSA will then contact Ontario Soccer who in turn will contact the other Province.
International Request to Transfer
An international transfer is required is a player who was registered in one country wishes to register in another country. Only players under 12 years of age are exempt from this requirement. International transfers are only permitted from player from 12 years of age to 17 years of age if the players family is relocating to the new country. Players 18 years of age and over do not require their families to relocate.

In addition, any player transferring from the United States must complete a United States Federation Application for International Clearance Form and submit the appropriate fee. This fee is established by and payable to the U.S. Soccer Federation.
Reinstatement Application Form
Any player that was previously registered as either a Non-Amateur or a Professional Player must apply using the Reinstatement Application Form and by submitting the appropriate fee , to be reinstated as an amateur before he can be registered to play on an amateur team.

Any player that played on a professional team during the outdoor season who wishes to play during the indoor season must apply for temporary reinstatement using the Temporary Indoor Reinstatement Application Form and submit the appropriate fee.