Codes of Conduct

SOSA Codes of Conduct

Coaching Code of Conduct

  • Never ridicule players for making mistakes
  • Always be a role model to your players
  • Ensure all equipment and facilities meet all safety requirements
  • Show respect for all opponents and referees, and your players will do likewise
  • Always be upbeat and positive and always set realistic technical goals for your players
  • Always ask your players for their opinion
  • Dress like a coach and know your subject

Player Code of Conduct

  • Always be punctual for games and practices and be committed to your team
  • Temper tantrums and disrespecting referees will only spoil the game for everyone
  • Always show respect for your coach and teammates, referees, and your opponents
  • Winning is great, improving your skills through hard work is equally great
  • Play by the rules, "understand the rules"

Parent Code of Conduct

  • Your behavior at soccer games must always be exemplary
  • Remember you child plays soccer for their enjoyment, not yours
  • Do not ridicule referees
  • Applaud both teams, respect the efforts of all players
  • Support all attempts to remove violence from children sport
  • Never be late, remember your child depends on your punctuality
Referee Code of Conduct