Hosting a Tournament

Any Governing Organization (District Association, League or Club) may make application to host a tournament. Applications must meet the conditions of approval and follow SOSA Tournament Policy. Failure to meet the conditions of approval will result in the Tournament Application being denied.

Tournaments Reports

Please note that Ontario Soccer passed RFD 2002-028 at its November 2002 Board of Directors meeting which alters the previous tournament report requirements for all Districts. Please note that all tournament hosts were previously required to submit a discipline summary form to the District within 48 hours of the completion of the tournament. The Ontario Soccer policies and procedures have been changed to indicate that a Tournament host must forward to SOSA and Ontario Soccer within 2 days of the completion of the tournament copies of all misconduct reports, including dismissals and special incident reports, and the "list of cautions report". Within seven days of the completion of the tournament, a summary of the discipline rendered to each person (Ontario Soccer Tournament Discipline Summary Report) must be submitted to SOSA and Ontario Soccer.

Attending a Tournament

Any team wishing to participate in a tournament outside the jurisdiction of SOSA must submit an Application To Travel Form (ATF) signed by their club together with proof that the tournament has been sanctioned by the parent organization of the Club hosting the tournament and the appropriate fee.

As these applications require District and sometimes Ontario Coccer and Canada Soccer approval please pay particular attention to the deadlines for submission of the ATFs which are printed on the reverse side of the forms. Please note that travel outside Canada and the United States requires 60 days.

Please also refer to the Ontario Soccer tournament classifications in order to make sure that your team is eligible to attend the tournament you are applying for permission to attend.

A team is covered by insurance under the Ontario Soccer insurance policy for travel within Canada only. You may wish to purchase additional insurance for travel to provinces a great distance from Ontario, such as British Columbia and the Maritimes.

For an Application To Travel Form (ATF) for travel to a tournament within Canada and the U.S.A., and for travel to a tournament outside Canada and the U.S.A. click here.

Approved Tournaments

For a schedule of all tournaments in Ontario visit the Ontario Soccer web site.

Approved Ontario Soccer tournaments in the SOSA District are listed under the pull-down menu section HERE.

Application To Host
Mini Festival U12 and Younger
Youth & Sr. Tournament - U13 and Older
Submit with Application to District (electronic form)
Tournament/ Festival Rules
Letter of Invitation
Tournament/Festival Application Form
Tournament Forms
Tournament/Festival Report Form
Ontario Soccer Disciplinary Summary Form (Due 7 days after Tournament/Festival)
Dismissal Form (Due 48 hours after tournament
Referee Assault Form
Special Incident Report Form
Information Ontario Soccer Tournament Listing
Application Deadlines:  
 N. American & International
120 days prior to tournament
Inter-Provincial 90 days prior to tournament
 Inter-District 30 days prior to tournament


Application Fees
Tournament/Festival Fee to SOSA 50% of highest entry fee per application submitted
International Fee to Ontario Soccer