Expressions of interest for Ontario Soccer Board of Directors
July 16, 2018

A new Board of Directors for Ontario Soccer will be elected on October 14, 2018. 

The Ontario Soccer Board of Directors will be comprised of twelve (12) Directors including a President, Vice-President, five (5) Regional Directors and two (2) Independent Directors elected by the Voting Members and three (3) Designated Directors recommended by the Nominations Committee.

The Nominations Committee is seeking qualified candidates who are able to contribute to Ontario Soccer, that reflects the values of inclusiveness, respect, integrity, high ethical standards, community building and is player-centred.

In order to be nominated for a position on the Board of Directors, an individual must first submit, in writing, an “Expression of Interest”.

If an individual does not submit an “Expression of Interest” they will not be eligible to be nominated for a position on the new Board by a Member.

Note:  “Expressions of Interest” are currently being received by the Nominations Committee. 

The Nominations Committee has requested that that interested candidates review all of the documents pertaining to nominations carefully.

Candidates must submit a complete application package. This includes:

1)     Appendix “B” Expression of Interest Form along with a;

  1. Brief resume of your soccer / sporting, business and professional background
  2. Completed Vulnerable Sector check (if currently available)
  3. References or endorsements from at least two persons who are not related to you that you have known for at least five years

2)     Appendix “C” Completed Skills and Competency Form

Candidate packages must be submitted by the end of Wednesday, July 25, 2018 electronically to Eva Havaris or by mail to:

  • Ontario Soccer Nominations Committee
  • C/O Chairperson, Eva Havaris
  • 7601 Martin Grove Road
  • Vaughan Ontario
  • L4L 9E4
  • Please mark “Personal and Confidential”.

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